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GRACE Hydration Face Cream

GRACE Hydration Face Cream

Silicone Oil Free Shampoo 500ml

GRACE Hair Care Milk

GRACE Whiting & Anti-Freckle Essence

GRACE Green Tea Extract Body Lotion

GRACE Geranium Body Wash

GRACE Body Massage Essential Oil

GRACE Sunscreen

About Us

GD UNICES Cleaning Product Co., Ltd.was established in 2002, has been working to provide all kinds of cleaning products, skin care products and matched series products to customers such as hotel wine building, factory enterprise, government school and major beauty salon, and to design professional and detailed cleaning plan and budget for customers. At the same time, the customer will be provided with perfect product after-sales service and product quality tracking and professional consulting service.

The company has first-class production equipment and a experienced, skilled R & D team, fully using the worldundefineds most advanced and scientific chemical industry technology, in accordance with ISO quality system standards, production and manufacture of a series of international environmental protection standards, high quality and high efficiency of all kinds of detergent products, the quality of products has been widely recognized and praised in the world.

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        core of enterprise culture is "person: honesty, cooperation, study, work: seriously, innovation, pursuit of excellence". According to the above "person" company ", "the criterion to push and creating healthy and upward enterpriseculture, for shareholders, customers, employees value together,"inheritance forever. Company's long-term goal is to become truly construction industry is widely respected by global position of great company.
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GD UNICES Cleaning Product Co., Ltd.

Sales Hotline:020-84221001/020-84221002

Add:Room 1402 Guangzhou International Procurement Center No. 8, PaZhouDaDaoDong Road,HaiZhu District ,Guangzhou ,Guangdong,China

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